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About us

Our research revealed that one of the biggest problems businesses face is their inability to acquire new customers and engage them into being regulars. This is often due to the competitive industry that businesses operate in and their inability to differentiate themselves from the rest. In addition, businesses have a lot of boring and repetitive tasks that prevent them from focusing on providing a more efficient experience to customers. They collect data from customers but are unable to effectively use that data to see results (engagement, sales, etc.). Businesses have large customer lists but have a hard time staying in contact with their customers and staying at the top of their minds.



In May 2022, Blacked Solutions was created to solve these issues. Blacked Solutions is a company that is dedicated to uplifting communities by creating innovative systems that positively impact the businesses serving those communities. Our vision is to facilitate the growth of the world economy through the re-empowerment of small businesses. Our motto is “saving seconds for the things that truly matter” which means that we are committed to efficiency and effectiveness in everything we do in order to make a positive impact in our communities. We are committed to transparency and empathy in our work, and we are always striving to inspire others through our actions.

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